Interview Project #1  |  Submitted April 15, 2015

Thank you very much for the opportunity to complete part one of this interview project for the Brand Designer position at Duolingo. This excercise has been an excellent way for me to gauge my interest in the position as well as get a feel for what would be required of me as part of your team. The following links will take you to the hi-res graphics I created: 

Design Notes ::

My main goal was to be brand-consistent while integrating my unique design style and knowledge of marketing best practices. While doing research on the brand, I discovered Community Guidlines and the Localization Style Guide which helped me understand the demographic and plan out the copy that I put in the design.  I have included my research notes in the middle section of the first graphic. 

I then decided to take the assignment a step further and design an email as well as a web page to help increase engagement.  I noticed that there is very little marketing-focused messaging on the main website. I know that it's important to maintain that brand standard- so sending out an email to a particular pool of users would be the most efficient way to drive traffic to the landing page that I designed for the campaign, rather than placing an ad somewhere on the site.  

I integrated the superhero theme (with a Duolingo shirt on, of course) because I wanted to pick something that would be universally recognized and coordinate with the marketing objectives, without being overly specific to a particular demographic or region. It is safe to say that when a person volunteers their precious time to "help the greater good" they feel like a superhero after doing so. Building lessons in a new language requires a strong level of committment and passion, so I am reinforcing the concept with graphics that show someone that is committed to doing good and changing the world. 

Graphic 1: Marketing Plan / Email


Graphic 2 | Landing Page Design